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Kohrus Nero V1.0

A WordPress social voting plugin with built in SEO social signals.

Kohrus Nero is a unique WordPress social voting plugin that lets your site visitors like or dislike content on your site by simply tweeting votes to the Twitter timeline.

Try Nero for yourself.

Click 'Like' and then place your vote on twitter.

Nero has 22 templates built and ready to use.

Download Nowfor only $39

If you require support, a developer or multisite license please use the .

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Why you should choose Kohrus

User context
is Key

Context is key and nothing is more in context than a friends recommendation.

Imagine a user rating your new product in front of 3,000 of his or her friends. Imagine a reader of your next blog post passing on his or her opinion to 1,500 of their friends because they love your new post so much.

Now imagine the next tweet from a good friend, they’ve voted something important to you, how engaged would you be ... That’s why you should install Kohrus Nero now.

Social community growth

Growth in your social community is crucial for your site to flourish.

With the upsurge of the social web, users now bring a social profile with them whenever they visit our sites. Getting those users to engage with our content using a social profile is critical to the growth to any online strategy.

Build scores users can trust

Build a site that has scores and opinions your users can trust.

How many times have you been to a site that has some sort of rating or measuring widget gathering information from site visitors. We trawl through entries trying to find authentic opinions but usually find ourselves with not enough information to feel confident to buy or believe.

With Kohrus Nero all votes can be trusted as they are attached to bonafide accounts, users will come back simply for that reason as trust in the online world is worth its weight in gold.

WordPress Platform

WordPress.. the number one content platform on the web.

We made sure Kohrus Nero was built right on top of the WordPress platform. It takes seconds to integrate the plugin to your current site, adding the functionality to a bespoke theme is a breeze with a single line of code.

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